history in San Vincenzo

La Storia di Venturina
History Venturina

The plain today populous and thriving business, it was not so once. Just think of the period 1830/60 to recall sad conditions and great inconvenience.

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La Storia di Suvereto
The History of Suvereto

Suvereto rises not far away on a hill from the sea. E' between the more ancient localities of the Val di Cornia. Its origins are rifared the age of th

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La Storia di piombino
History of Piombino

Piombino, located on the promontory same name, mining town of Etruscan origin, has always developed a deep relationship with the sea interchange, the

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La Storia di Campiglia Marittima
History of Campiglia Marittima

Since the eleventh century written sources documenting the urban settlement of Campiglia Marittima in the latter half of the twelfth century, when you

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