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history of campiglia marittima

history of campiglia marittima

Since the eleventh century written sources documenting the urban settlement of Campiglia Marittima in the latter half of the twelfth century, when you put in historical Pisan. From archaeological remains the municipal note that funds have been around before the Middle Ages, but the first document appointing Campiglia is the act of Count II Gherardo della Gherardesca with which, in 1004, was donated to the monastery of St. Mary Serena at Chiusdino, half of the castle of Campiglia with its territory and the church, along with shares of nearby castles Biserno, Acquaviva and Montecalvo, which is to identify with the current fortress of S. Sylvester. In the twelfth century, a part of Campiglia was donated to the monastery of St. Justinian in Crag, Piombino, owned by Gherardesca, since 1158, thanks to 'Archbishopric Pisan who got the possessions of the monastery of Serena, is the castle of Campiglia under the domination of the Municipality of Pisa. This until 1406 when conquered Pisa and Florence Campiglia was so under the rule of Florence. The fortress of Campiglia becomes an important outpost Florentine and remains until June 4, 1509, when the Battle of Alvino, when the fate of the battle are changed by the field forces Florentine previously allocated at the Fortress. From this period, not having more attacks from Florence particular families or common maremmani, Campiglia gradually begins to lose importance and this implied a natural military and economic degradation. Its strategic importance slowly decreases to the point that in 1664, the land within the walls of Castle Rock, is given for rent as agricultural land.

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