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history of piombino

history of piombino

Piombino, located on the promontory same name, mining town of Etruscan origin, has always developed a deep relationship with the sea interchange, the report shows that by visiting the urban area beyond the modern city. From the village, located in one of the most picturesque sea views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, you can admire the blue waters of the channel below. Interesting for a visitor who loves to walk outside the typical tourist routes are: Piazza Bovio, situated in the old part of town, facing the island, which is one of the balconies overlooking the sea and most spectacular destination for romantic ideal walks; the Tower, in the heart of the old town, the Town Hall, the Rivellino, imposing military construction built in 1447, the port Medici. The ancient port of Crag, which is known as from the fifth century, is today an important commercial port and tourist connected to the main islands of the Tuscan Archipelago Park.

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