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saint vincenzo

The city of Saint Vincenzo has been populated since the advanced Paleolitico, probably just because of the favourite geographic position and from near metalliferous hills. The ancient name of the first city was "Tower of Saint been born Vincenzo" from the presence of a sight tower, than currently it is property of the common one. The Roman close constructed to the city the Aurelia road, widening the country and constructing a landing place to you. During the barbaric invasions the Castel di Biserno was constructed that later on passed Conti of the Gherardesca. Today the the most rinomate city is one of tourist, its long ones beaches is attended from the beginnings of June until to fine September, the aquatic sports more practices to us to you is the sail and the snorking, between other asset there are the long walks to horse or on foot along the beaches or in bike in the paths of the Park of the Sterpaia.

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