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Piombino, placed on Promontory Homonym mining town of Etruscan origin , has always developed a deep Interchange relationship with the sea, the report shows that the visiting area Urban beyond the modern city. From ' ancient village , Overlooking one of the most picturesque sea views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, you can Admire the blue waters of the channel below. Interesting for a visitor Who loves to walk outside the typical tourist routes are: Piazza Bovio , situated in the old part of town, opposite Elba island, which is one of the balconies overlooking the sea and most spectacular Ideal for romantic walks, the Torrione , in the heart of the Historian; the Palazzo Comunale Rivellino , imposing building Military built in 1447, the port Medici.
ancient port of Crag , which has been reported as from the fifth century, is today an important Commercial port and tourist islands connected to the main Park The Tuscan Archipelago.

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