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rimigliano natual park

rimigliano natual park

Rimigliano park stretches from San Vincenzo to Baratti gulf. It is a long strip of land between the sea and the street Via della Principessa. Founded in 1973, it has a vegetation of 120 hectares mainly formed by pines, ilexes and low vegetation. The park is essentially divided in three parts: the clear and fine sandy beaches, a group of little dunes and the typical Mediterranean pinewood. From the beach, it is possible to see the point of Baratti Gulf in the south and Capraia and Elba in the west. There are many animals in the middle of the park, such as red squirrels, wild rabbits, jays and green woodpeckers. The climate of the region is constantly mild: in winter the temperatures never drop below 5 degrees, while in summer the fresh winds coming from the sea lower the temperatures on the beach. In spring and autumn the temperatures are never over 10 degrees. In winter it rarely rains and the libeccio brings a mild-warm climate. The park is easily accessible; you can ride or walk on its paths. It is also provided with special areas for pick-nick with bars, WC and showers.

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