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The 18.19 and 20 May will start the seventh edition of The Palamida St. Vincent & , the event dedicated to fish and to blue.
The main feature of this edition is the increased presence of wine producers and restaurateurs of Suvereto, Piombino, Massa Marittima and of course St. Vincent.
Guest of honour this year will be to Gela in Sicily Caltanissetta province that will taste the local products their area. Among other guests will Sicilian life in a panel discussion Sunday 20 to 18 in the tower to recount their experiences of the southern industrial province that is trying to make tourism. This year will be made exits free sailing for all those who were not quite attracted dall'enogastronomia, in collaboration with the School of Sailing South West and the club Nautico that allow go to sea to learn the first elements knowledge of how to navigate the most fascinating and the Blue Diving Dream always will be free to make a sort of "baptism of the sea" with proof of scuba equipment and dive with an instructor enabled. The Palamida will be preceded by a series of meetings to be held on May 12 and 4.5.
The Palamida is an event sponsored by Tuscany Region, the Province of Livorno, Chamber of Commerce of Livorno, City Wine, City of Oil, Slow Cities.

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