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therme and spa

therme and spa

Since the most ancient times the water from natural springs, caves or warm basins has been used for its beneficial and regenerating properties. From this point of view Italy (in particular way Tuscany) is one of the richest countries. The most ancient thermal baths in Tuscany are dated back to the Etruscan-Roman time: The region of Saturnia is famous for its ancient coastal inhabitants, who went to these warm thermal baths to attain physical and spiritual well-being. The Etruscans were very skilled in the area of hydraulics and were able to take advantage of boric acid fumaroles in the region of Grosseto, extracting the beneficial salts from the lake Boracifero. It has been found many temples of the same period, devoted to the gods of water. The thermal treatment is a healthy method to find our own physical and spiritual harmony through the natural elements. Normally the thermal structures are situated in charming locations such as in the country or the woods which blend spiritual and physical comforts. There are a lot of thermal structures: caves, natural warm swimming pools, natural springs and waterfalls. The most common treatments are thermal baths, saunas with following cold showers, Turkish baths, colourful aromatic cold showers, waterfall with hydromassage, mud baths and inhalation of water vapours. The temperature of the warm water goes from a minimum of 36°C to a maximum of 40°/70°C according to the treatment. Scientific studies have attested the beneficial effects of the thermal water in Italy, stated it can be used as medical treatment for respiratory and digestive system diseases or rheumatic and joint diseases. On the Etruscan Coast there are a lot of top quality thermal firms.

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