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san vincenzo beach

san vincenzo beach

The sea blue and golden beaches of St. Vincent annually attract millions of tourists from all over Europe. St. Vincent joins to the natural beauty, the comforts of a warm and hospitable locations, making it a destination for international tourism, where to live, all 'years, serene and relaxing holiday. Inhabited in ancient times, then Etruscan and Roman, St. Vincent today is a modern and efficient city, rich in facilities and sports facilities and a marina. He internationally renowned for its restaurants, which offer a cuisine based on local products and the excellent wines of the area. The park Rimigliano, a rich natural environment and protected, the proximity to medieval villages, ruins of Etruscan Baratti and Campiglia and spas Venturina, St. Vincent make a CG for visits and excursions in the Coast of the Etruscans. It 'a crystal clear sea and what washes St. Vincent, edged by a thick pine forest and lush Mediterranean bush. The splendid beach of golden sand and fine stretches for many kilometers and hosts bathing, alternating with large stretches of beach equipped with Blue Points, where you can get assistance. Punteggiano the coast the ancient Tower of San Vincenzo, built in 1300, which gave its name to the resort, along with other fortifications and lookouts warning, once used to defend the coast of assaults by pirates. The air is clear and a light breeze promotes the practice of many marine sports. Old and important stopover for business, today the tourist port of San Vincenzo, large and equipped, is able to accommodate hundreds of berths.

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